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[Solved] Find and Correct country names!
Summary: I have data for multiple countries. The problem is names of countries are messed up. For instance, 'US' could be 'United States', 'United sta', 'USA'....

[Solved] Search for duplicates in range of textstrings
Summary: Hello all Is there anyway to search a range of cells (like a whole column) for duplicates of text strings in another range of cells? And example: In S...

Duplicate file manager for W7 recommendation?
Summary: hello all , could anyone suggest me how do i manage my huge data scattered on my machine.All the data including my files , photos , songs are importan...

Ashisoft Duplicate file Finder for W7 opinion
Summary: Does any body use this duplicate file finder program? please tell me your experiecnes with application ...

Finding duplicates and copying relevant info.
Summary: Hello, I have an Excel workbook with two spreadsheets. On my first sheet I have two columns. 1st column is blank, the second column contains names. O...


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