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Drive letter intermittently appearing in Disk Management
Summary: Hi. I have a strange one! The System reserved partition with no assigned drive letter is flashing on and off in the desktop with an auto-play like wit...

[Solved] removed drive letter,how to get back?
Summary: I removed a drive/letter within disk management and now the drive letter has dissapeared. How do I get the drive letter back? Asus P5Q Pro Intel E5200...

Drive Letters Messed Up
Summary: Hello. I have purchased an old Compaq EVO d500 to play around with while I'm learning. I just formatted and installed Windows XP Pro on the old hard d...

user prompt to set drive letter
Summary: hi, i'm trying to semi-automate a batch file of mine for file backups. i'm using an 'if' statement to determine (by comparing to %~d0) if the batch is...


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