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Networx bandwidth monitoring shows huge downloading
Summary: It is impossible to download 68 GB in a whole day with 1 Mbps link. Kinldy check the below link. What is wrong with the Networx?

[Solved] Can't download apps from internet for Windows 8 RT
Summary: I can't figure out why my windows 8 Rt won't let me download software from the internet. Example: iTunes. When I try to run the software it says I c...

[Solved] Download all images at once from sites with IDM site grabber
Summary: i saw a function in IDM named site grabber,but i don't understand how to use it. please help me ...

File keeps downloading without permission
Summary: A file named "Search" keeps downloading to my computer. It's downloaded four times in the last few minutes, and when I was cleaning it from my downlo...

Best browsers for fast downloading
Summary: Just wondering witch one? I download and develop more than anyone I know and I need the best browser for fast downloading. Im using opera right now bu...

why cant i download anything?
Summary: When I click to download the message says 'unable to download as the system is shutting down' ...

Connecting to the computer
Summary: My Canon PowerShot is about 2years old and I have used it on the same computer since I have gotten it. However, when I connect my Canon to my comp...

Downloading files straight to an archive file
Summary: Dear fellows, I need to know how to download files from download sites in such a way that: The Save As dialog provides me a way to save the file be...


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