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I need autoexec.bat for windows 10
Summary: I want to have a file backed up to a USB Flash drive once a day, at a given time. I did it back when I was doing DOS3.3 (am I old or what?) But age & ...

Exporting files with given extension to a new file in DOS
Summary: How do I export files with a certain extension in DOS? I have some files with the extension .FA scattered in many folders within 4 folders. I would li...

boot mgr compresed
Summary: i had problems with my lan card for my Dell . After the Lan was replaced i still could not access the internet . As i was trying to download a d...

[Solved] defrag dos
Summary: have dos system that is filling up, have deleted lots of files but is still full can I defrag to recover the "lost space" it is part of a P.O.S shop s...

huge directory tree - DOS
Summary: Hello, I would like to create a directory tree of a folder containing aabout 26000 subfolders and 140000 files. I use the following command: J:\path\t...

[Solved] Format hard disk from DOS
Summary: I want to format my hard drive and reinstall XP Home with SP1. I have an MS-DOS boot disk made with the Win XP format . When I boot from the floppy I ...


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