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[Solved] uninstall program deleted everything
Summary: I was uninstalling a program and after it was finished, i realized that all of my documents, pictures, music, videos, application data, everything on ...

Reposition icons in Win 7 Documents folder
Summary: How can I reposition icons in "Documents" or "My Documents" with Windows 7 ? Before I could just left-click on icon & drag to new position...not anymo...

my pictures weren't in the windows backup fil
Summary: Had to format and reinstall Windows (Vista), and used the backup utility my computer offered. Im not a tech genius, and english is not my native tongu...

Folder Won't Stay Deleted
Summary: So if I go to the "User" folder on my desktop, I get things like "Contacts", "Desktop", "Documents", "Favorites", etc. I try to delete the "Favorites"...

Why are my documents locked?
Summary: All of my documents are locked and I cannot create a new one. I have tried copy + pasting my documents but that's not working either. I have not enter...


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