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how do I change my display settings trouble?
Summary: (it wouldn't let me finish my question it's meant to be troubleshoot windows 7) HELP every time I try changing my display troubleshoot in advance, it ...

Batch file for /f loop only doing last item
Summary: Good morning I've got an incredibly long-winded (too long to post here, unfortunately, so it's more a general question) batch file that contains FOR /...

goto within for loop is not working
Summary: i tried the following in a.bat for %%f in (mayank,anurudh) do ( c: cd\%%f if errorlevel 1 goto :cont2 echo %%f goto :cont3 :cont2 echo error %%f :...

Installing Windows 95 on Virtual Box Issues
Summary: Hello, So i've been trying to install windows 95 oem version on Virtual Box. I get to the gui installation screen, past the terms and etc contract, un...

MS-DOS Do While Loop
Summary: here is a solution to produce a Do While Loop in DOS Batch: @REM initialize test value to be "true" @SET intCounter=1 :while @REM test condition @IF...


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