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GPU OverHeat & Screen Crash Problem
Summary: I want Solution, for my Graphics Card's...(Its Overheating while im Playing Some Hardcore Games & Crashing My Games,Screen Crash) My PC Configuration ...

Change DxDiag & My Computer properties Info
Summary: How do I change dxdiag and my computer properties informations?Im hav computer of low configuration of cpu 1.8 Ghz , Ram 256 , display memory 64 mb et...

How do I increase the Display memory 32MB
Summary: How do I increase the display memory from 8MB to the required 32MB. I have somehow managed to get it from 0MB to 4MB to 8MB but no further. Please hel...

games are not playing
Summary: In my pc games are not playing? ...

display memory error
Summary: i have problem in my display, when i start any game it does not works ,then i go easy info in games in that display memory is 0, but the game requires...


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