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how to fix your tablet wireless when you delete your driver
Summary: i normally don't post on these discussions but i was frustrated and finally found an answer thanks to a post on this website from several years ago an...

Why did system restore delete my programs?!
Summary: Just had a new hard drive fitted and bought a USB bluetooth dongle from the shop too. The downloaded utilities for the dongle knocked out my on board...

How can i recover my Recovery drives files?
Summary: Hello all, I am running a windows vista basic, and I need help on something. My computer came with a Recovery (D) drive, and I deleted everything on i...

File name without file: how can I delete it?
Summary: I have some file names that do not refer to any files. They end in a . and say there are 0kb but they can't be deleted or shredded by any program I tr...

retrieve a shift-deleted file
Summary: Hi guys i have been doing some manual disk deleting i have left shift deleted my partners save files and some other bits of hers, dos anyone know of a...


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