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Cant get it to show splash screen.
Summary: Black screen on my gateway laptop. I have an M6890H gateway laptop that will power on and shows the hdd light flash along with the dvd,wireless light ...

My Dell Inspiron won't start- what to do?
Summary: My computer was working fine last night. When I woke up this morning, though, and tried to start it, nothing happened. No lights came on, the screen...

Windows XP HP laptop repair gone wrong
Summary: My dad's HP laptop (running Windows XP) began slowing down and then one day just died. He took it to the usual repair shop, and they told him they had...

Int 19h
Summary: I have a dead laptop...I have replaced everything: motherboard, CPU, Hard drive...I bought a PC Diag. board to put into the PCI slot and the code I go...


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