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[Solved] Date format when typing the date?
Summary: Hello all Is there anyway that I can type in a date like: 010199 and it then gets recognized as a date format and displays it as 01-01-1999 ? I can do...

[Solved] How do I make a batch file do this..
Summary: Ok I need my batch file to echo the amount of time and days since a specific date and time. That's all I need. message edited by Danm992...

[Solved] How do I convert a complex date to a simple date in Excel?!?
Summary: I received a .csv file from a company with a date field that looks like this: Tue Jan 03 12:12:20 PST 2012 I have tried using the Data Type options t...

[Solved] Formatting Y Values in Excel to Display Months
Summary: I have a problem in a Gantt Chart that I'm working on. Everything is perfect except for the dates across the y value go from 9/14/11 - 5/6/13. I downl...

converting excel dates in Excel 2003
Summary: For some reason as I have added dates to cells, they are not getting converted to the Date type I have selected: 15/03/2009 I type in my entries in ...


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