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[Solved] Data validation - Autoprompt data when we type
Summary: Hi All, I have an issue which I have to fix urgently, below are the details; In an excel file, I was given has a drop-down list created using data val...

[Solved] DEBUGGING: Nested drop down in an IF stmt using data validat
Summary: Hello! I'm trying to get the following formula to function.. and as it's setup the final [false] parameter keeps showing up, as IF it's ignoring the r...

Macro to edit cell depend on next cell
Summary: Hi Everybody, I have a question. I need to update status in A1 cell if B1 cell value is TRUE. Else massage box should popup that details not updated p...

Dependent data validation drop down list
Summary: Is it possible to create a data validation drop down list embedded in an IF() statement in MS Excel? What I want to do is this: create an if statement...

Data Validation and IF Then Statements
Summary: Hey, it has been a while for with me with programing detailed within Excel (still trying to shake the spiderwebs off). I have an Employee Database th...

[Solved] Excel If statement & Data Validation
Summary: I am trying to do an if statement to include a data validation list. So if cell A1 says "Plasma" then in cell B1 show a drop down list of the size of...


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