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can my acer laptop work with my lg flatron crt tv
Summary: hi guys i have an acer aspire 4736z laptop that i want to connect to my lg flatron crt 21'' tv using a vga to rgb cable(one side vga other side reg,bl...

Change comp crt yoke deflection coil to suit tv circuit
Summary: How to change deflection coil settings of comp crt to tv? Using an old and good philips crt with a generic tv motherboard. I have discarded the monito...

OK, example no red on the insigna for Windows..XP non period
Summary: how do I get the red coloring back on my monitor. It went out late last evening. Please help ...

Old CRT monitor hisses at 720p+
Summary: Recently I got a old CRT monitor that at first it worked just fine with the exception that on power up it used to make a huge spark on power up in the...

CRT Monitor Dark
Summary: My crt monitor becomes dark at start-up and brightens gradually after about 10 minutes. Now the problem has worsened and I have to wait for 30 mins be...

Progressive scan on Philips 29PT3223
Summary: First I would like to thank everyone who has helped me with my problems in the past. Now I have yet one more question, please bear with me. I have at...


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