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i3 M470 to i5 compatible
Summary: I have an i3 M470 processor and would like to upgrade to an i5 M520, i5 M450, or biggest upgrade. My i3 is A G1 socket @2.40 ghz. What numbers must I...

CPUZ error
Summary: How come cpuz is listing my southbridge as SB850 when its suppose to be SB950? I have a gigabyte ga-990fxa-ud7 motherboard. ...

CPU poor performance Issues!
Summary: I have been having seriosusly poor performance on my XPS m1730, then yesterday I saw a noticed in the event log that stated the CPU was running at lim...

[Solved] Speed of PC2-6400 Memory mix w/ diff. timings
Summary: I mixed two different PC2-6400 Memory Modules in my computer. I have 4x 2GB Memory Modules for a total of 8GB Memory. All the modules are from OCZ. Tw...

[Solved] Why does CPU-Z think my cpu is runing @ 2.40?
Summary: I've been over clocking an Intel Pentium D 930. Without any over clocking it supposed to be at 3.0GHz right? But for some odd reason the screen and th...

CPU-Z shows 4 memory slots, but I only see 2.
Summary: I have 2 sticks of 2GB memory. When I use CPU-Z it has slots 1 - 4 showing. It is showing my memeory in slots 1 & 3. Does this mean I have 4 slots or ...


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