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Excel Formula needs to add Index to return cell information
Summary: Hello, Currently I am working with two tabs of data that do not have the same unique identifiers at the same time. I am using a series of functions ...

Alternative suggestions to this select case code?
Summary: Hello all I have a macro that copies all the sheets from two workbooks into a new workbook. That is all good and working. Each sheet contains x-number...

[Solved] VLOOKUP for matches on two ws and carrying data
Summary: VLOOKUP might not be the right choice here but I'm trying to find corresponding data on two worksheets in the same workbook. Sheet 1 is a report that...

[Solved] Countifs and Countif and AND
Summary: Why won't this formula work??? ***=IF(COUNTIFS(Data!E:E,A4),"MMN","")+AND(IF(COUNTIFS('Metro South'!E:E,A4),"MSNJ",""))+AND(IF(COUNTIFS('West Coast'!E...

[Solved] Need to send data to one of two worksheets
Summary: I think I'm doing this bass-ackwards! I have one master sheet with all of the cases logged on a daily basis. The users will see the two worksheets i...

Countif w/multiple conditions
Summary: I know that there have been a number of questions on this board about the countif function, but after going through page after page and trying the rec...


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