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[Solved] Two 4pin cpu in an 8pin connector
Summary: I am planning on building a server and i want to do it for cheap, i have two psus laying around with 4pin cpu connectors and this motherboard requires...

[Solved] My computer won't boot up
Summary: I recently bought a gigabyte H110M-A motherboard and some other components, I connected all the other parts and all the cables correctly but there is ...

[Solved] USB to RV/RCA (Red, Yellow, and White plug) and the TV.
Summary: My mother just got a used laptop from my sister and what came with it was a great deal of home movies. She really would like to see the movies but sh...

New USB connectors backwards compatible with micro usb?
Summary: I need a micro usb cable for my phone but all the connectors have changed. I keep seeing these usb 3.0 cables which has a sort of split connector. Wil...


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