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Excel Macro If a cell is blank, how to paste?
Summary: Hi, I have a list of prices. I want a macro that when a button is pushed, the data will go from one cell to another. However, I have 10 rows at the to...

Conditional Formatting Loop
Summary: Hi, I'm trying to do conditional fomatting between two sets of percentages. The figures are in two different workbooks and I've linked the data from ...

Formatting calendar dates on spreadsheet
Summary: I want to format an invoice so that the dates of the month change to the current month just by entering the date one time in the first cell. The in...

batch file input and output
Summary: I have a project I'm working on. I am trying to create a batch file that will type a series of text files chosen based on user input. For instance, ...

Sum of components used
Summary: I have an excel workbook containing 2 lists: 1. An array of components for each assembly configuration (essentially a bill of materials). Components a...


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