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[Solved] Macro to remove some text with condition and add color shade
Summary: Hello, So I made a macro to format a table. I will post the macro below and there are comments that explain things. Here's how my table looks like: ht...

Populate Cell Based on Drop Down
Summary: hi, i had a question. iin A1 cell in excel i can write the value TRUE or FALSE through a drop down list. i want cell B1 respond depending upon the val...

If Function with Bold Font
Summary: Hi, I'm trying to create a March Madness bracket in Excel where in order to select a team to win a given game, all you have to do is bold all the c...

Copy/Paste only if a cell has a certain value
Summary: Hi guys, Thanks for all the help again. Just a quick one. I include my code below which works okay - example: If the text in cell C says 'Post Offic...


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