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[Solved] Problems with my 4tb external hard drive
Summary: Hi guys i have a quick question I have a 4tb hard drive (nearly full) and its very very slow. Why i dont know but connecting it to the computer takes...

[Solved] Cloning windows 10 from one HDD to partition on another HDD!
Summary: I have a dell latitude E6420, I'm installing a second OS on it, i have two HDD's in it right now, a 500gb and a 2tb, can I simply make a 500gb partiti...

Problems cloning a WinXP to a larger disk
Summary: Greetings, folks. I'm having an issue cloning Win XP, SP3 from a Western Digital 13.6GB WD136AA drive to a Samsung 80GB SP0822N. I'm no techno-idiot a...

cloning bootable cd
Summary: Hi, I have burned an image of Microsoft XP OEM Bootable CD on my HDD, then burned that image onto another CD, but is not booting from it.It waits a bi...


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