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Summary: I have spent several Days writing my new Batch cleaning script with the aim to help some friends of mine who run Windows Vista who are always getting ...

Automatically Boot Diskpart In WinPE
Summary: Good Morning, I am looking for help to automatically boot diskpart from a winpe cd/dvd; and run the following commands: diskpart list disk select disk...

Problems booting custom-built PC after cleaning it
Summary: Hello everyone, My PC was overdue for a cleaning so I completely cleaned it last night. However, I now regret it because it won't start. Would like to...

[Solved] Do System Recoveries ruin your hard drive?
Summary: I got a new computer recently and I had a pretty good idea that I just save all of my documents and everything to an external hard drive and then at t...

wipe computer clean without cd on my HP vista
Summary: my computer is running worse by the minute I dont have a back up disk of any kind and wanted to know if I could wipe everything clean on my HP pavilli...

Clean Install Win7 from Asus Recovery DVD
Summary: Is it possible to clean install Windows 7 from a Asus Recovery DVD? I do not have a upgrade or retail disc, but I've installed Windows XP before ...


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