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[Solved] my motherboard disc no longer works
Summary: my motherboard disc no longer works and i carnt get my sound on after reboot viakm400a/km266 chipset series support cd rev.58.07 ...

[Solved] gateway intel pentium 4 540 3.2ghz processor 915g chipset
Summary: my system has slowed down I know i can increase the RAM but is there any way of increasing the CPU to make it run faster? I'm using Windows XP ...

[Solved] Win98 drivers for 915G chipset
Summary: Is it possible to run 9x on P4? specs D915GRV w P4 672/4GB/.5TB I can't find drivers for onboard graphics chipset but some guy at Intel say they will ...

[Solved] Installing chipset for motherboard and video card..
Summary: hi everyone.. if your motherboard is EMX-MCP61P/S -AVL what chipset should i install for it??? and if your Video card is GForce 9500 GT what drivers s...

question on chipsets and motherboards
Summary: im educating myself on mobos and im wondering what good sources of info on chipsets and mobos in general. found some stuff via google but since i know...


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