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Need help converting chinese characters!
Summary: Hello, I'll preface this by saying I'm not Chinese nor can I read it. I have a document that was translated and provided in Chinese, which I need to i...

X6-7A Chinese 7in Notebook Flashing Problem
Summary: Chinese 7" Notbook (X6-7A) Flashing Problem Product Description Elovo 7” X6-7A Smartbook CPU: Via wt8505(arm 926ej 533MHz) Operation system: Suppor...

How to load GB2312 into MS WindowsServer 2008
Summary: Hi, I have a Microsoft Virtual PC installed with Windows Server 2008 (32bit) and MS SQL Server 2008. I am trying to test a software that cannot handl...

The words i type in Notepad turn to a box
Summary: i dont know why right now when i type chinese into some file like notepad it will turns out to be a square box instead of chinese word, and in so...

My chinese word suddenly appear as Square box
Summary: Hi, I forget what i have done for the past week to cause this problem. I tried system restore but none of the restore point successfully restored. My...


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