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[Solved] Check if program or section exists
Summary: I have a fairly complicated batch file that is like a custom command prompt. I have it to prompt the user for a command, then if the command contains ...

System value- What'd my computer be worth?
Summary: Hey everyone, I'm currently looking into buying a new PC, which means selling my old one. Therefore, I am looking for an estimated value and I figured...

Laptop Password removal BIOS flash error
Summary: Hello, I have an Acer Aspire 7540 notebook. I knowingly set a password on my BIOS along time ago. I noted the password down on a piece of paper somewh...

Error Check
Summary: Long story short, my computer frezzes at 55% in stage 5 of CHKDSK. i have searched every sight, and exhusted every source looking for a means to fix t...

Can I run HD chkdsk from Toshiba Recovery DVD
Summary: My vista computer is unable to complete its error checking, reaching part way through stage 5 and freezing. In the posts iv read about this problem,...


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