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IDE HDD freezing my OS (XP SP3)
Summary: I recently put an old (but 100% working) IDE HDD into my PC, on IDE Channel 2 on my mobo. My OS boots fine, but then it starts hanging and then compl...

Help with dual channel problem pls.
Summary: Here is a tough one for you. My memory gives no errors when checked with memtest and the windows memory diagnostic utility, and it works fine in singl...

Dual Channel/Speed
Summary: Ok so i wanted to get more ram, but i was wondering... Right now i have 2 1gig DDR2 667 PC2 5300 ram Is it worth to pay extra to get 2 1gig sticks to ...

Laptop can't connect from my bedroom, but can
Summary: Hi all, I'm trying to resolve an ongoing problem I've been having with my laptop connecting to my wireless router. Throughout much of my house, my lap...


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