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[Solved] Conditional formatting of cells in multiple sheets
Summary: I have twelve sheets that each have a total score on cell G10 that I want to have copied to a thirteenth sheet in a specific column (F5-16). What wou...

[Solved] Macro for combining partial text in cells
Summary: I was wondering if someone can help me with a Macro. I need an output of a combination of text in a cell. I can do this manually by copyng and pasti...

using time format to make calculations
Summary: I am trying to use formulas to calculate accross columns in a schedule document that uses 24 hour clock. I am having 2 problems. 1st) the format keeps...

Macro to delete empty cells in Word 2007
Summary: I am looking for a macro to delete all empty cells in a Word 2007 table (data would move up). Can anyone help? Thank you kindly. ...


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