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Window XP logged on as Administrator by no Admin. Right
Summary: I am the only user and administrator of my Window XP system. The problem is after I logged in, cannot open anything. Window keeps saying I do not have...

Cant import, file not a registry script, Help
Summary: Before i was having the problem "Registry Editor is disabled by your administrator" and i had to download regtools.vbs (VBscript) to enable it to view...

I cannot login to my windows 7 laptop
Summary: How do i login to my windows 7 laptop? it says loading windows and its supposed to show the login screen where i type my password but it doesnt, its j...

Problem with Time Update
Summary: I have a problem with my Xp, i can only modify the clock (rtc) in the bios. if i try to update the time from the desktop by double clicking the time o...

HP desktop BIOS Not Locating Hard Drive
Summary: I shut my computer off last night and I turn it on today and it says Cannot boot from disk, insert boot disks. So I go check out the BIOS menu and no ...


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