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Im trying to find my iphone 4 in my room by calling it.
Summary: can I make a phone call from my macbook pro to my iphone 4 so that I may find it?? And no, I'm not being lazy, I have literally looked EVERYWHERE and ...

Batch File Loop to Check for Process
Summary: Hello all, I am trying to write a batch file that continually checks for a process and, if the process is not running, enables my second monitor. I am...

Calling a .VBS class from a .Bat
Summary: Is it possible to call a class in a .vbs File from a .bat file ? I ie call <<CLASS>> from addstuff.vbs and execute on "this.txt" ...

Call a user defined javascript function url
Summary: Say I have an html page as the following: <html> <head> <script> function test() { alert("Test"); } </scr...


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