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Outlook calendar scheduling question
Summary: This is my problem. We have a small department of about 4 users. We would like to setup calendar reminders years in advance for contracts that are s...

I need Windows Vista Calendar program for XP
Summary: I need the Windows Vista Calendar application for XP. ...

Can't display HTML calendar
Summary: Hi, please help me display the calendar. I am using HTA (similar to HTML). I just can't get the calendar to be "visible". Thank you. -----------------...

Excel: Rolling 3 month calendar
Summary: I am trying to create a calender that tracks employee's vacation days for three months at a time. So, I want dates on top and employee names on the si...

old .pst files want new calendar software
Summary: I have old (199x - 2000) outlook .pst files that I would like to import into new (not outlook) calendar software. Anybody got any ideas? ...

Export AOL calendar to Google calendar
Summary: How to Export AOL calendar to Google calendar? ...


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