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[Solved] Two 4pin cpu in an 8pin connector
Summary: I am planning on building a server and i want to do it for cheap, i have two psus laying around with 4pin cpu connectors and this motherboard requires...

[Solved] my right speaker has a very low volume?
Summary: I am using a 5.1 surround sound system with my home computer and recently i have noticed that my right speaker is much quieter than my left speaker bu...

[Solved] help with my hard drive, do i have the cables needed?
Summary: hi there, i have recently ordered a new 1 tb hard drive and made sure all the specs fit my computer perfectly but today i looked inside my pc and real...

[Solved] why doesn't my computer turn on again?
Summary: My computer immidatly shutted down when I was playing some games and I tried to turn it on again but it did not work I plugged out and then in the pow...


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