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[Solved] CPU running really hard.
Summary: Should programs always be installed to the C drive? My system management program "360 anti virus" says I should install programs to other drivers. I...

Cant se desktop no right clic no task manager
Summary: Hello, when I started my computer, there popped out some warnings about system not running. After I closed them and rebooted my computer the first thi...

W7 BSOD files missing in application folders
Summary: Hello. This has been my worry since yesterday. Yesterday, I had the BSOD. After giving me the stop warning, I ran the safe mode then I ran into Normal...

I have Windows Vista and it will not boot.
Summary: Ok so one morning I found out my computer is dead. I turn it on and there is this clicking sound then one of 3 screens show...either a blue screen st...

Vista C Drive Memory Fluctuating/Decreasing
Summary: Hello, I have an Acer Aspire 5630 laptop, with Windows Vista Home Premium (Service Pack 2). Here are the rest of the specs: Processor: Intel(R) Core(T...

New primary hard drive?
Summary: Hi, to start I would like to say that I am a compute dumbo. Recently I purchased a new hard drive and was wondering how to make it the primary one for...


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