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[Solved] cheap reference GPU choices
Summary: I was wondering about Nvidia reference cards and came upon the gtx 780 and gtx 970 founders edition on amazon (link below) are they any good if I buy ...

[Solved] Good budget CPU and Mobo?
Summary: I'm planning on upgrading my CPU and Motherboard.. Because I currently have an AMD A6-3500 with GTX 550ti and I learned that there's no sense using an...

First time Custom PC, Need opinions on parts
Summary: I really want to get into PC gaming, but I am on a silly 3 year old macbook laptop with an integrated graphics card, which couldn't run pong at more t...

Seeking parts Advice for a Budget PC build
Summary: My brother will be travelling to the US in a week, and we were planning to buy some components (pretty much everything but the tower/psu) for a new PC...

New on-budget PC
Summary: Hey guys, I'm getting a new "secondary" PC for gaming and I'm on a budget, so I've visited a few stores which gave me the following configurations: Se...


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