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DOS Batch to prompt user to input a file
Summary: Hi, I'm learning to use batch file have just started it. I need help.. How to make a batch file open the "Open Dialog Box" i.e. the one which pops up ...

Certain Websites Do Not Load Properly
Summary: Hi, I hope I didn't miss look over any previous question and answers, but the computer I use at work hasn't been loading certain websites properly whe...

simultaneous file saving
Summary: I need a way to save an EXCL or WORD file on both my Hard Drive, and flash drive (as back-uo) without constantly having to browse to each target subdi...

Can connect to router but can't browse Net
Summary: i'm in a nursing home. my laptop (dell) can pick up the nursing home wifi. my sisters macbook is connected to the router, but can't browse the web. ...


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