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Installed XP in new harddisc, wanna make it bootable as c:
Summary: disk 0 is an old harddisc ( c: and d: ) using xp pro sp2. I bought a new harddisc (Disk 1). have a xp pro sp2 ISO imag...

[Solved] Boot.ini not working
Summary: I had a duel boot of win xp and win 7 on a single hard drive with 2 partitions, I have now removed windows 7 by formating that partition and was told ...

Computer crashed and now will not restart
Summary: ok while i was using my computer (general useage) it crashed and started back up normaly for the first few times. Then it would not boot up and saying...

Can i format my one disk partition ?
Summary: Hello, My system has windows Vista Enterprise With Service Pack1. I had partitioned the hard drive. And later had installed Windows Server 2003 as i h...

Can't boot Windows, corrupt hal.dll &boot.ini
Summary: Hello, I had an missing/corrupt boot.ini file, so I replaced it with a generic one (from this site somewhere) and I think I must've inadvertently put...

How to Install Windows XP Boot.ini file?
Summary: How Install Boot.ini file? I Am Not Founded In Internet. Please Help! ...


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