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[Solved] Bios error, and my keyboard wont work
Summary: Hi im 15 years old and i´ve just bin to a LAN-party. When i got home my PC said that i should press f1 or entet to recover some BIOS settings. My pr...

T-6532 computer
Summary: T6532 E-Machine Device Manager was initial problem and computer turned off all time and one day it just stopped turning on. Since then, I've replaced ...

Sony laptop won't boot up after VAIO screen
Summary: My laptop (Sony VAIO VGN-S5VP/B) will not boot up after the VAIO screen. The screen display is fine for the VAIO screen but it'll stay blank and no...

Upgraded Win7 requires two booting to load
Summary: I upgraded from windows vista ultimate to windows 7 ultimate.When i switch on my computer i get a blank screen(black). I then switch off my computer t...

Can't start up in normal mode after trojan
Summary: I was attacked by "Trojan:WinNT.D" a few days ago, which I'm pretty sure is now entirely removed along with all other spyware and what-not that it bro...

Dell Latitude D630 laptop Booting Trouble
Summary: The computer will power on but will not boot up. Actually once out of 100 times it will, most times it will run for a few minutes than get the blue sc...


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