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laptop lcd goes blurry sometimes
Summary: i have a compaq presario cq-40 327 tu laptop of 2gb ram and 250 gb hd,windows7 32 laptop is 2 year and 3 month a days laptops lcd...

My webcam is to blurry and i don't know why?
Summary: im am talking 2 my friend n she cant even see my face please help ...

logitech webam 250 too blurry
Summary: windows vista .oovoo new account. worked fine before now all of a sudden is super blurry and wont focus. ...

Blurry Screen
Summary: Hello everyone I recently formatted my PC and installed a new hard drive. I also cleaned the fan and and applied the thermal compound and stuff. The ...

my computer gets blurry
Summary: My computer gets blurry once i connected to two of the monitors at my church. the thing is that my computer work well when i started to use it. But n...


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