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[Solved] CMD DIR command exclude files in list
Summary: Hello all, I want to execute a dir command but exclude some files from the result. for example in a dir I have: C:\Folder\a.pdf C:\Folder\b.exe C:\Fol...

dns port 53 closed by blacklist websites lelvel 2 level 3.
Summary: dns port closed by blacklist ip level 2 level 3 can i change dns port in bind ...

about some doubts in NFSMW
Summary: how can I add customised car in 'my cars' in the main menu to carrier in NFSMW??I have the lamborghini gallardo car I changed its painting and upgrade...

dcservice.exe - no disk
Summary: RogueKiller V7.4.5 [05/18/2012] by Tigzy mail: tigzyRK<at>gmail<dot>com Feedback: Blog:

why does my kaspersky say database is corrupt
Summary: renewed my kaspersky 10 days ago and now says database is corrupted and blacklist of licenses is corrupted,dont know whats wrong,please help ...

block e-mail contacts permanently, not to spa
Summary: How can I block contacts permanently, not just to the spam box? I would like it to bounce back as undeliverable. ...


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