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[Solved] how to convert the pdf file into bmp
Summary: i work on gmt, i want to cnvert the ps file into bitmap file ...

my desktop icons are changed to same icon
Summary: my desktop icons are changed to paint expect recycle bin and my computer . when iam opening that "paint cannot read this file this is not a valid bitm...

Scanning and Reprinting Exact Duplicate
Summary: How do I create an exact duplicate of a document that can be edited? What I want to do is scan a document exactly as it sits on the scanner and then u...

how to move bitmaps
Summary: I have six buttons with bitmaps on of them is empty.Now i want to move my bitmaps to empty button on button click.It is working but it donot ...

using rand() function with bitmaps
Summary: I am working with visual c++ and i want to generate the random positions of bitmaps.I have used rand() function for this purpose and stored the resul...

Excel only pastes as bitmap
Summary: Excel 2003, copy and paste went crazy. Worked until 2 weeks ago. Only pastes as bitmap. Affects all documents. Paste special only offers bitmap wit...


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