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[Solved] will my biostar p4m890-m7 Fe motherboard support a radeon hd
Summary: guys will my biostar p4m890-m7 fe motherboard support a radeon hd 6670 1GB ddr3 gpu? i am planning to do an upgrade. ...

[Solved] what brand of memory
Summary: what memory to use with a biostar hi-fi z87x3d core 5i 4670k. 8 or 16 megs of memory (2*4) or (4*2) Mostly used for gaming. ...

[Solved] I have a video gaming machine that uses the biostar mcp6p m2
Summary: is there another compatible mother board?? The gaming machine has touch screen and uses AMD x2. Thanks Rich ...

Computer Doesn't Always Complete POST
Summary: Hi there, this has been a problem with my computer ever since I received it; as it was second-hand, I just kind of accepted it, but it has become a ma...

Will a 5750 work on my motherboard?
Summary: Will a 5750 work on my motherboard? It is a G31-M7 TE and only has 1 PCI-E slot but Im not sure what version it is I plan on buying the 5750 and it s...

MCP6P M2+ Motherboard PCIe Graphics card sudd
Summary: Hi, I am running an AMD Athlon X2 3.11GHZ 6000+ (AM2 Socket) CPU on a Biostar MCP6P M2+ Motherboard with 3GB DDR@ 800 RAM and a Nvidia Geforce 9500GT ...


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