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[Solved] Does Asus N56V laptop have backlit keyboard?
Summary: Picture: Hello, I recently discovered (after 1 year) that my laptop (asus N56V) should have a backlit keyboar...

back light won't come on
Summary: i dropped my phone and the back light won't work anymore ...

my presario c300 laptop screen is black
Summary: i plugged in the wrong adapter into my presario c300 and the screen went black. i can hear the computer power up normally and can see the icons and s...

How can I fix netbook backlight?
Summary: I have a Packard Bell, Model No-Easy Net book SJ51. The screen will come on, but you can hardly see it. I think the back light is broken or something ...

Laptop screen backlight shuts off starting XP
Summary: Vaio PCG-K315s LCD backlight shuts off as soon as XP starts to load, but works perfectly if Dos is the OS or a bootable CD is in use, Hirens for examp...


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