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avp.exe problem
Summary: This morning when I turned on my computer I recognized that it's running a little bit slow and odd. I tought it was nothing unusual so I opened a brow...

Kaspersky avp.exe hogging cpu power
Summary: I have Kaspersky internet security 10 installed for a while now and its avp.exe is constantly using up to 99% of my cpu system power according to my t...

problems with avp.exe
Summary: I have the same problem as the other user system is sluggish i have installed Hijakthis and run a acan this is the resulte: Logfile of Trend Micro Hi...

how to stop avp.exe using cpu usage
Summary: my system was in gud condition til sterda... suddenly, it slowed down... wen cpu usage was checked, i came to know that avp.exe is consuming 75% usag...

Reducing base priority of avp.exe
Summary: Quite a lot of the time avp.exe uses a lot of cpu and seems to slow my PC down a lot. Can I safely reduce the Base Priority to Below Normal and will ...


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