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[Solved] How to I change from a x86-based pc to a x64-based pc
Summary: I have a ACPI x86-based pc with a x32-based O/S, but I have a x64-based CPU. How would I change the PC & O/S to x64? ...

can not uninstall 3id home architect deluxe 3.0
Summary: i have Broderbund 3d home architect deluxe 3.0 installed on my xp computer with Firefox browser. When i go to control panel uninstall 3d home archite...

[Solved] problem downloading, broderbund 3D home architect deluxe 3.0
Summary: I have the broderbund 3D home architect deluxe 3.0. I have a new lap top with windows 7 and i can't get it to install. It worked fine on my older com...

is their an upgrade to 3D Home Architect Delu
Summary: I have windows vista and it won't work on my computer; is there an update for it ...


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