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append txt files and format data
Summary: Hello, i have thousand txt files called "Posizioni_Number1_Number2.txt", eg. Posizioni_2160_004.txt. The numbers are always multipliers of 4, so surel...

Rename Middle of Filename
Summary: I need to rename files in a directory like C:\importfiles using the creation date. The file format is SFS_052410_187638.csv The first 3 chacters will ...

DHCP log
Summary: I am trying to save all of the DHCP logs from Server 2003 to keep statistics. Right now I have created a BAT file that runs every night that copies th...

Append String to rows of text file
Summary: I am trying to get input from a user of the file name and then append a string to the end of each row of the file name the user puts into it. ...


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