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[Solved] Countifs and Countif and AND
Summary: Why won't this formula work??? ***=IF(COUNTIFS(Data!E:E,A4),"MMN","")+AND(IF(COUNTIFS('Metro South'!E:E,A4),"MSNJ",""))+AND(IF(COUNTIFS('West Coast'!E...

Multiplayer batch game (on multiple computers)
Summary: ermm so i was at school and me and my friends decided to make a batch text based adventure infact it was so much fun that we wanted to make it multipl...

Trying to return value from another sheet with ranges
Summary: Could someone please help me! I am trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. I want to have the user enter a loan amount and a percentage, then in m...

Virus Infected In BIOS and making funny noise
Summary: My computer had a virus infected in BIOS and sometime making funny noise. The virus normally prevent the BIOS from detecting IDE drives. I have tried ...

Formula chaos (IF, OR, AND)
Summary: Hello, people. You helped me perfectly last time, and I'm just in a bit of a rut again, as I've been cluttering about with this formula for an hour. I...

[Solved] Batch 'and', 'or', ect help
Summary: Is there 'and', 'or', etc. functions in Batch files? and if so can i have a list of all you know? ...


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