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What to do about a glitchy Intel driver in my pc?
Summary: I've been getting recurring notifications from "Windows Defender Security Center" that there's something glitchy about an Intel driver in my pc. A tr...

Norton Internet Security SAPE.Bundler.17
Summary: A few days ago I started getting this Norton Security "low risk" alert. It is SAPE.Bundler.17, haven't found any reference to it in Norton's website a...

[Solved] windows security alerts always down
Summary: Every time I turn on my computer, I am instantly told by my task bar that my security alerts are down. When I click the icon or bubble, nothing occurs...

Constant Norton Security Alert pop ups
Summary: Sun., 10-in 31-2010 To whom it may concern, What is Norton Securities problem that it has to keep trying my pati...

Alert! Previous thermal processor failure : t
Summary: DETAILES OF PROBLEM -------------------------- Ok I've been having a problem with my computer lately. First of all, It started when my computer ...


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