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cannot acquire ip address at home
Summary: I have a laptop that connects fine to the internet any where I go except home. I have a Linksys Wireless Router at home and can connect to it fine via...

IP address issues, wont connect to internet
Summary: I have a problem with my laptop, it constantly says acquiring network address. I have tried reading loads of online posts, but nothing is helping. I d...

Auto Complete problem
Summary: have just started using MS Outlook 2003 - I changed over from Outlook Express. I imported my contacts, and when I did that, I went through the importe...

Find Similar Addresses in Access
Summary: Good Day, I have an issue where I need to find (get a count) of similar addresses in an access database. The problem is there are no restrictions on ...

How to change my External IP address
Summary: HI i play Perfect World an online game and apperently 2 day ago my STATIC IP changed by itself.... no one touched anything. and now suddenly for no re...


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