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[Solved] Is there a way to hide files in server 2003?
Summary: I am running an ftp server off of windows server 2003. Right now, I have an anonymous user which is allowed to view and access all files on the serv...

Find In Use Security Groups on Domain
Summary: I manage a Windows Server 2003 domain. A long time ago, a bunch of custom security groups were made for configuring shared file access rights. We are ...

Access Not Allowed on local drive
Summary: I have administrator access rights on my notebook computer. i dont use the administrator account. when i try to access certain directories from the ...

Group policy error, loss of access rights?
Summary: Hello all, Recently I’ve been working with a team to develop a small network to test the security of a new firewall. Inside the network we have a c...

How to give User rights to log off RDP Users?
Summary: I do some minor administration on a server through Remote Desktop, and need to grant another user access rights to log off or disconnect RDP sessions ...


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