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Trying to find an old game
Summary: Im trying to find an old game what i had on my old computer long time ago, but i just cant remember what it was. This is what i remember - There was a...

Windows 98 stops XP and 95 from booting
Summary: Hi. I made a working computer out of two old 2005 and 1999 computers, just for the sake of it. The computer works fine, and the first time I connected...

Mouse problem running Windows Chicago in VM
Summary: Hello, I'm running Windows Chicago 357 (close to Windows 95) in Virtual PC. But I have a problem with the mouse. It not only happened to this VM, but ...

Windows 95 I/O Error First Boot
Summary: Hello, I just installed windows 95 on virtual box on a fat 32 file system, when I finished the installation, it said to restart the computer, so I res...

Installing Windows 95 on Virtual Box Issues
Summary: Hello, So i've been trying to install windows 95 oem version on Virtual Box. I get to the gui installation screen, past the terms and etc contract, un...

Won't startup
Summary: My father in law tried to reformat his hard drive to install windows 98 and now the laptops messed up. It is an older laptop but it does work. It ha...


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