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[Solved] how to install windows NT 3.1 on virtualbox
Summary: First and foremost - I am not a fool and I did went through google (coz some simply says "search google" lol), there is all those editing of inf file ...

[Solved] software suggestions for newly installed win3.1
Summary: take the specs first- RAM - 32mb Hard Drive - 16gb installed dos v 7.2 and windows 3.1 . I need some softwares now. the all i know are 32 bit programs...

Combo software for Serial to PS2 mouse
Summary: Hi, I have an old 486 system that has software that runs a commercial embroidery machine and the 3 button mouse track ball is not working, I got a rep...

Installing Windows 3.1 on usb flash drive
Summary: I'm not sure this will even work. Ive played around a bit and was successful in installing freeDOS onto my 8g flash drive. I am wanting, for no partic...

MS-DOS 8.0 and Windows 3.1 simultaneously
Summary: I have Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and MS-DOS 8 on my computer, and I am trying to install them both in a virtual machine and load it with ALL the app...

name of old cd game
Summary: Aloha my children and I used to play a really fun game on our old Packard Bell 3.1 system. It was a CD rom we bought. It was about using the stock ...


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