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I forgot the name of an old game.
Summary: There was this little guy who was running through pyramids, where u need to dig up sand so you can move on. its quite old 2D game, but not that much o...

Trying to find an old game
Summary: Im trying to find an old game what i had on my old computer long time ago, but i just cant remember what it was. This is what i remember - There was a...

Does xp drivers work in 2000
Summary: Does X1250 and Broadcom XP drivers work in Win2k? ...

Downgrading From Vista
Summary: Hey all! So like I been hating win Vista lately, like its crashes alot and stuff. So i been thinkin to downgrade to another win system. Im thinkin to ...

I can't log on to my computer, domain unknown
Summary: i did a system restore due to wireless intenet issues and now when i try to log it it accepts the password but then says cannot log in, domain unkown....


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