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The Computing.Net Search uses a concept-based search of the forums. This means that you could type in your search in the form of a question or, alternatively, just like you would in a regular search engine. The Computing.Net Search can understand the submission either way, and will search through the forums for you.

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If you would like to add Computing.Net's search to your web site, feel free to use the code below to accomplish this task.

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<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="mode" VALUE="concept">
<INPUT type="text" name="search" size=20>
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<SELECT name="forum">
<OPTION value="Windows10">Windows 10
<OPTION value="Windows8">Windows 8
<OPTION value="Windows7">Windows 7
<OPTION value="WindowsXP">Windows XP
<OPTION value="WindowsVista">Windows Vista
<OPTION value="Windows9x">Windows 9x
<OPTION value="WindowsMe">Windows Me
<OPTION value="WindowsNT">Windows NT
<OPTION value="Windows2000">Windows 2000
<OPTION value="Windows2012">Windows 2012
<OPTION value="Windows2008">Windows 2008
<OPTION value="Windows2003">Windows 2003
<OPTION value="Windows31">Windows 3.1
<OPTION value="DigitalHome">Digital Home
<OPTION value="Office">Office Software
<OPTION value="Gaming">PC Gaming
<OPTION value="ConsoleGaming">Console Gaming
<OPTION value="Drivers">Drivers
<OPTION value="Linux">Linux
<OPTION value="WebDevelopment">Web Development
<OPTION value="DigitalPhoto">Digital Photo/Video
<OPTION value="Hardware">Hardware
<OPTION value="Security">Security
<OPTION value="Programming">Programming
<OPTION value="PDAs">PDAs
<OPTION value="Networking">Networking
<OPTION value="iPhone">iPad/iPhone/iPod
<OPTION value="Android">Android
<OPTION value="Database">Database
<OPTION value="CPUs">CPUs
<OPTION value="Solaris">Solaris
<OPTION value="BeOS">BeOS
<OPTION value="Netware">Novell Netware
<OPTION value="OpenVMS">OpenVMS
<OPTION value="Unix">Unix
<OPTION value="Mac">Mac
<OPTION value="OS2">OS/2
<OPTION value="TheLounge">The Lounge
<OPTION value="Howtos">How-tos
</SELECT><INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="sp" VALUE="sp">
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