What You Should Know About SRT File Extension

What You Should Know About SRT File Extension

Introduction to SRT Files

An SRT file is a SubRip subtitle file.

They are the type of files that include subtitles in videos of the start and end timecodes of texts.

This file does not contain any data.

There are several types of raw closed caption file formats, and SRT Files or SubRip (.SRT) is just one of them.

This basic caption file can be ordered after a video release and afterward uploaded to a separate file to host the video alongside the video.

All media platforms (Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and other video players) support video hosting.

SRT Files, as said earlier, are one of the many closed caption files people in the video marketing and post-production process understand so well.

The use of SRT Files to host videos is gradually becoming a trend.

A great benefit of using SRT Files in video post-production is that it gives easy accessibility, increases views by people, and grants an excellent overall experience to viewers.

SRT files are used primarily for subtitling or adding captions, such as in Facebook videos.

There are many common SRT files, but SRT is just one of the widely used. Others are Scenarist (.scc), Timed Text (.ttml), Quicktime Timed Text (.qt.text), Transcript (.txt), D FXP (.dfxp), MacCaption (.mcc), and DS Subtitle file and also Facebook ready SubRip for adding captions to Facebook videos.

What You Should Know About SRT File Extension

How to Identify SRT Files

  • The number of caption frames present will be arranged in sequence.
  • The start and end timecodes.
  • The caption
  • A blank line to show the beginning of a new caption sequence.

When to Use SRT Files

Most media players, lecture capture software, and video recording software are compatible with SRT captions because they are usually uploaded and distributed in SRT formats.

You can use it in Facebook videos, YouTube, Vimeo, and Wista, and you should use caption files to increase visibility.

In addition, you can use SRT files anytime in creating Facebook and YouTube videos for marketing your product and service, in training, and in creating how-to guides.

How to Open SRT Files

Opening an SRT file isn’t difficult, as an all-inclusive guide to doing this has been explained below.

Adding subtitles to videos has been made a lot easier with SRT Files.

You can open with applications such as M Player, BS. Player, MPC-HC, KM Player, VLC, and Window Media Player.

Use any text editor such as Notepad, Text Edits, and Notepad ++

  • Open, and order each line of your subtitles.
  • Add the time the subtitles begin.
  • Include this sign “–>.”
  • Add the time it ends.
  • Format it to appear like this: “hours: minutes: seconds, milliseconds.”
  • Put your first line of text.
  • To create SRT files, you can both begin from scratch or Download and edit using subtitle editors.
  • Afterward, save and choose the SRT file extension.

How to Open SRT file as Text Document

It is easier to open the SRT file using a word processing program.

This is because, with the Word Processor, you only want to see what the file contains.

Firstly, right-click the file and click on “Open With” to open the Word Processor, either WordPad or Notepad.

Microsoft Word is also an excellent processing program to use.

How to Open SRT file with VLC Media Player

This appears to be one of the best programs to open SRT files, and it is versatile and supports a vast number of video formats.

To open the SRT file with the VLC media player, follow the simple procedures that will be listed below:

  • Open the video file, choose “Subtitle,” and then “Add Subtitle file.”
  • In the dialogue box, locate the SRT file.
  • SRT files come with the video file most of the time, but if it doesn’t, you may need to download it online.
  • To open SRT files with VLC, click on the VLC player Icon.
  • Then, select the Open File.
  • Afterward, select the SRT video file, then click on Open.
  • Click Video in the menu bar of the VLC player, then cursor to the subtitle Track option.

How to Open SRT file with Windows Media Player

Using Windows Media Player to open SRT files may be hard to crack because you cannot add it to a video.

However, it may be possible if the subtitle file is in the same folder and has the same file name as the video file.

You can use DirectVobSob or Shark 007’s advanced codec if this doesn’t work.

Programs that open SRT Files

The SRT files can be opened via other programs.

Some of the programs are:

  • MPlayer
  • CyberLink Power Director 14 Ultra
  • CyberLink Power DVD 15
  • VideoLAN VLC
  • Media Player Classic
  • Aegisub
  • Jubler
  • Olimsoft O Player

What to know before using programs to open SRT subtitle files

To open SRT subtitle files, there are some things to know before using any program.

Despite the several available applications, opening SRT files may still prove difficult if you don’t know how to do it.

  • Ensure that the subtitle files are in the same folder.
  • Ensure that the subtitle files have the same name.
  • Please choose the correct option and then open it.

Free Software to Create SRT Subtitles

There are free third-party software or applications to create SRT Subtitles on your Windows.

Since they are free, it’s a great advantage, especially if you are a beginner.

Below are a few of the selected ones that you can try out:

Jubler Editor

On Windows 11/10, Jubler works perfectly fine.

You can create subtitles in a lot of file formats, including SRT (SubRip Text), SubViewer, AdvancedSubStation (ASS), SubStation Alpha (SSA), Micro DVD SUB File, DFXB, W3C Timed Text, etc.

Jubler also has tools like Join Entries, Split Files, Translates, Join Files, Spell Check, etc.

  1. Download the Jubler subtitle editor and install it.
  2. Open the app and input the start and end times, including the text.
  3. Click on Edit to insert a subtitle line.
  4. Do these for each of the subtitle lines.
  5. Click the file to save as.

Subtitle Edit

The Subtitle Edit software is excellent for creating SRT Subtitles.

Out of the over 100 subtitles formats, the Subtitle Edit software can create subtitles in TXT, ZEG, QAT, SDG, ASS, XML formats, etc.

  1. Download and install the application.
  2. Launch the Subtitle Edit
  3. Input the start and end time and duration.
  4. Include Subtitle texts
  5. Set output file formats to SRT
  6. Click the file to save it as SRT Subtitle.


This great SRT Subtitle application has unique features and interfaces in operation.

It can create subtitles in SRT, VTT, TXT, SSA, and SUB formats. But, since you are more concerned about how to create SRT files, here’s how to create SRT files using Gaupol.

  1. Download and install the app
  2. Launch Gaupol
  3. Add Start time, End time, and Subtitle text.
  4. Add a new subtitle line by clicking on the (+) button.
  5. Save As and export the file.

How to Convert and Edit an SRT file

Only some of the SRT editors can edit SRT files to other formats. Subtitle errors are widespread, especially with SRT files, and that’s why editing SRT files is essential.

A good example is Jubler which can convert an open SRT file to XML, STL, SSA, SUB, and DFXP Files. and Subtitle converter are good SRT editors to convert SRT Files to CAP, VTT, QT.TXT, MCC, and TTML.

Editing SRT files occur mainly if the text needs changing or the subtitles need to be sped or slowed down or if the subtitle timing is erratic, or if it lags.

It is effortless to connect a subtitle on your Windows by editing the SRT file. Notepad is already permanently installed on every PC, so you don’t have to install it again.

  1. On your Mac, Text Edit is an excellent editing tool.
  2. Open Notepad, right-click on the SRT file, then select the “Open With” option.
  3. Click on “Select Default Program” and locate Notepad.
  4. This will give you access to the file’s content; you can then see the timestamps and text of the SRT file.
  5. Then, make the change and save the file.

Subtitle workshop

The subtitle workshop supports opening, editing, and converting different file types.

The subtitle API library is extensive and has straightforward formats.

  1. Open and edit your SRT file, select “File,” then click on “Load Subtitle” and select the SRT file to change.
  2. Click on “Movie,”
  3. Click on “Open”
  4. Select the SRT file to change.
  5. With this, you can edit the subtitles and translation/ texts.


SRT files are easy to use and update, and it is one of the files in which editing and updating can be done without requiring complex commands.

The SRT is in a simple text format, so you do not need special software to operate it.

SRT files are important because they increase audience engagement, implying that video captions reach viewers quickly and are easy to understand.

Another benefit of SRT files is that it helps with SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an excellent method of evaluating how a website would rank, increasing the visibility and audience range.

I hope you found this piece enlightening, informative and educative.

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